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Green IT

Also called green computing it describes the study and the using of computer resources in an efficient way. Green IT starts with manufacturers producing environmentally friendly products and encouraging IT departments to consider more friendly options like virtualization, power management and proper recycling habits. The government has also recently proposed new compliance regulations which would work towards certifying data centers as green. Some criteria include using low-emission building materials, recycling, using alternative energy technologies, and other green technologies.


The Office of Federal Procurement Policy (OFPP) is planning to require all federal agencies to give priority to providers of green products and services. The proposed policy is part of a number of new federal regulations and green standards. Green compliance is becoming an increasingly important issue among federal agencies.

The OFPP´s proposed policy letter, Acquisition of Green Products and Services, implements the green procurement requirements set forth in Executive Order 13423, issued in January 2007. Agencies would be required to conduct their activities in an environmentally efficient and sustainable manner. The policy letter expands upon and replaces OFPP Policy Letter 92-4, Procurement of Environmentally Sound and Energy Efficient Products and Services, issued in November 1992. The proposed policy also follows recent changes to the federal procurement rules regarding the purchase of items containing recovered materials and bio based content and requiring use of the Electronic Products Environmental Assessment Tool ("EPEAT") when acquiring personal computer products. Agencies must incorporate these requirements into all future contracts and are encouraged to include them in existing contracts as they are modified or extended.

Implementation of an affirmative procurement plan

Each agency is required to develop and implement an "affirmative procurement program" (or "green purchasing plan"), in which the agency states a preference for green products and services. The agency is then expected to "flow down" this preference to its contractors.

FBSCGOV a woman-owned small business has been on the forefront of this government initiative and can provide federal government agencies with all of the products and services necessary to meet all of the compliance requirements.

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