IT Management Services

Integrated Program Support Services

FBSCGOV provides a broad range of IT Program Support Services (IPSS) for Federal as well as State & Local agencies. Some of the services include:

  • Program Policy Support Services
  • Program Planning Support Services
  • Information Assurance / Cyber Security Support Services
  • IT Portfolio Management and CPIC Support Services
  • Enterprise, Segment, and Solution Architecture Support Services
  • IT Infrastructure Planning Support Services
  • Program Management Office (PMO) Support Services
  • Strategic Sourcing and General Acquisition Support Services
  • Manage delivery of services
  • Monitor and measure service performance
  • Organizational Development and Human Capital Management Support Services
  • Communication and Training Support Services

  • UPS Solution

    FBSCGOV is a strategic Small Business partner of EATON offering Eaton´s power management solutions that are based on protecting the nine most common power problems present in any environment.

  • Power Failure
  • Power Sag
  • Power Surge
  • Under-voltage
  • Over-voltage
  • Line Noise
  • Frequency Variation
  • Switching Transient
  • Harmonic Distortion
  • Contact one of our dedicated sales technicians to help you select the right UPS for your environment. (877) 489-2115